Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1913 - Precious Pearls Plundered

Omaha Daily Bee
September 17 1913

Pearl Necklace Worth $650,000 is 
Found On Sidewalk

London, Sept. 16--A workman this morning found on a sidewalk practically the entire pearl necklace valued at $650,000 which was stolen on July 16 while in transit by mail from Paris to London.

Later today the package of pearls found by the workman was taken by him in company with a number of detectives to police headquarters at Scotland Yard, where Max Mayer, the diamond merchant, who owns them, was waiting, and immediately identified them.

The man was going to work in Highbury, a northern district of London, when he noticed the pearls lying in a heap.  On picking them up he found there were fifty-eight.  He took them to the nearest police station, where they were at once recognized as part of the famous necklace, from which only one pearl is now missing. 

On September 2 five men, three English men and two Austrians, were arrested when trying to dispose of some of the pearls in London.  They are believed by the police to belong to a notorious international gang of thieves.  

A reward of $50,000, which was offered for the return of the jewels, will probably go to the workman.

The necklace, said to be the most valuable in the world, was in transit between two dealers when stolen.  rumors indicated that it was destined for Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt.

It had become generally known that the police investigation had narrowed to a very small radius and it is believed the thief who had the jewels, realizing the danger of arrest, purposely "lost" the pearls.

The fifty-eight pearls found were in perfect condition.  Besides two loose pearls not belonging to the necklace, which were packed in the same registered mail parcel when it left Paris, only a single pearl forming part of the necklace is missing.

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